Richard Irvin appoints specialist consultancy, SustainableX, to accelerate a move to net zero.

As part of our newly created Green Agenda and commitment to sustainability, we’ve recruited an internal green committee and engaged with specialist consultants Sustainable X, to deepen our knowledge, capability and improve our wider environmental impact. We have also identified significant social impact considerations for our people, clients and the communities that we work within.

The first phase of the programme is to assess, measure and prioritise sustainable practices based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We have established four pillars that link our major impact areas:

  1. Green House Gas emissions reduction
  2. Sustainable production and consumption
  3. People development, diversity and inclusion
  4. Business sustainability and climate risk

This commitment is underpinned with an action plan to progress on goals, we are working towards a Basecamp certification as evidence of primary achievements.

“One thing’s certain, when creating a truly sustainable business model, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. To achieve the level of focus required to create lasting change, sustainability is becoming engrained into every aspect of our business. Achieving net zero is a bold ambition and the journey will be long – but we must make a start and thanks to the work completed with SustainableX, roadmap is clear.” Steven Rawding HSEQ-C Director